Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Date Night with Burgers and Beer

Our Delivery Service

If this isn’t your first date you may choose to keep it very causal and order in for the evening. Don’t take a chance on just any restaurants delivery system.   If your food arrives wrong it could spoil your whole evening. At Burgerim we guarantee that your food will always arrive steaming hot, ready to eat and straight to your front door. We will do all the work for you so you can concentrate on getting to know your date. Just give us a call and our experienced staff will help you place your order.

The Duo and Trio are designed to be eaten by one person with a large appetite or shared between two or three people.  All our meals are served with a side of signature Burgerim fries. Each mini burger can be made with specific toppings so they can easily be shared with your date. Burgerims party box is a better choice for large groups or dinner parties. 


Are you unsure if your date will like Burgerim burgers?  Don’t worry, we offer a wide variety of toppings to ensure a taste sensation.  Our burgers come with standard toppings of lettuce, tomato and onion. We charge a small fee for additional toppings. Some of our delicious Burgerim toppings include avocado, sunny side up eggs, jalapenos, sautéed onions, mushrooms and many more. If you choose Burgerim for your date night destination you don’t have to worry about the food quality. Our gourmet burgers are designed to please any palate.


Healthy Eaters

Is your date a healthy eater? Burgerims veggie burger is delicious and is designed to accommodate a healthy eater.  Another great option for a leaner meat is our lamb. This is one of our more unique meat choices that you won’t find at other places. Our lamb meat is very tender, but lacks the gamey type taste. Either of these burgers will leave you satisfied and won’t blow your diet. You can still order the Duo or Trio serving and choose a different meat for each. Make sure you give them all a try so you can find your favorite meat and toppings combination. All our burgers are served on a Burgerim bun, but if you want a leaner option we have a whole-wheat bun that taste great. You can’t go wrong when you choose Burgerim.



At Burgerim you can always choose among 10 patties, 3 buns, 6 different sauces and 9 unique toppings. The options are endless when you eat with us. We even have a kid’s meal for kids under 10 that include one mini burger, a side of our Burgerim fries and a drink.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Renovate Your Burger for Lunch

Burgerim is a franchise that launched in 2011 and has quickly grown to over 160 locations in just a few short years. Clearly we have found a successful business model and food that customers are raving about.

Burgerim Burgers

Everyone knows that to finish a great burger you must add sauce of some kind.  Burgerim has a special house blend that is specially designed to complement any Burgerim burger. However, if you are more of a traditional burger lover we also have other sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and BBQ sauce.

Burgerim Burgers


Here at Burgerim our goal is to give you as many options as we can. Our standard bun is a white bun we call the Burgerim bun. This is what all our mini burgers are served on unless you request our wheat or gluten free bun. We are happy to accommodate any request you have.



One feature that makes Burgerim stand out is our delivery system. Instead of waiting in line at a drive thru burger joint for boring food and slow service call Burgerim. If you need lunch catered in to your place of business call us, we can help. Our friendly staff will take your order and you can count on your food showing up on time, hot and all your items correct. When you order from us you can easily accommodate everyone’s unique burger taste. If you order our party box everyone can get exactly what they want. Don’t settle for anything less than the best at Burgerim.


If burgers aren’t your choice of food you can still come eat at Burgerim. We offer other signature sandwiches and salads in addition to our gourmet burgers. Give our menu a try and we guarantee you will find something you love. Having the same food for lunch each day at the same restaurants is boring. Jazz up your lunch hour with a visit to us and let us show you how tasty our burgers are. Grab your closest friends or coworkers and spend you lunch hour building and enjoying a gourmet burger at our trendy locations.