Thursday, January 5, 2017

Halal Franchise in 2017

Halal Opportunity Worth Taking

Have you ever considered that opening a halal burger franchise is an opportunity worth considering in 2017? An opportunity that creates a competitive advantage is worth learning about, especially if the competition isn’t saturated. Food comes in many shapes and sizes, and what make the food stand out is the overall quality and presentation of the meal. You can go and eat anywhere you want, but will the experience be the same? We found that many foodies enjoy the experience just as much as they enjoy eating their food.

Let’s talk about the all American juicy hamburger. The hamburger has been an American favorite for lunch and dinner for over 100 years. Paired with French fries and onion rings, and you’ll be in a state of bliss (maybe). It depends if you really are a burger lover. Grubbing on some halal certified burgers may be what it will take to ‘hit the hunger spot’ and satisfy your taste buds. Hope this article isn’t making too hungry.

Burgers for Everyone

It’s common knowledge that the foodie will eat just about everything he desires. But there are some folks that adhere to a strict diet and eat only halal food products. If you’re able to capture that market and offer them quality food at an attractive price point, you’ll most likely dominate in the franchise business. Running a business requires a competitive edge to stay on top. Have you considered about opening a franchise in your local community or city?


Franchising is a smart decision because of all the back end support the franchisee will get from picking a location, to training, to day-to-day operational management. A franchise offers their investors (or franchisees) a helping hand in cultivating a business plan to essentially achieve success. From the start, the purpose of working with a reputable company to ensure that there is a well-managed forecasting and that everyone (involved) is in the know. Choosing to go with a company that’s well well-known for gourmet burgers can spearhead the business to greater heights.

Bite into Halal Mini Burgers Today

The traditional burger has taken on its own unique niche among foodies and business owners everywhere. What started out as a practical way to grill ground beef turned into a world-wide phenomenon. The burger ‘as we know it’ is loved and talked about regularly. It makes it to the front page on many newspaper outlets and discussed by a handful of local reporters. It’s an important subject matter because everyone wants to bit into a nice juicy burger.

halal food

In Los Angeles County, on Wilshire Blvd, a new Burgerim is set to open that’s officially 100% halal certified. It’s in-between South Western Ave and South Wilton Place just below West 6th Street. It’s about 20 minutes away (driving distance) from Downtown Los Angeles and further east. The location is prime for busy folks that work nearby want to indulge in more than one juicy halal mini burger.

You can learn more about this location here:
Hamburger Restaurant
3959 Wilshire Blvd. Suite B9
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(coming soon…)

Of all the different franchise opportunities you can choose from, owning a Burgerim in your city may be the best part of your investment portfolio. The concept of a chain that offers people an option to customize their burgers in endless ways creates buzz and excitement. Halal food that’s certified according to the standard adheres to certain guidelines and regulations -- so not all Burgerim burgers will be made exactly alike. If you’re a pickier eater, you can customize your burger just the way you like.

Whether it’s a busy day at the office or you’re cruising down the road in L.A. to find some quality local eateries, the excitement of a halal Burgerim should get you fired up. Instead of enjoying one burger, you’ll be able to indulge in two (duo) or three (trio) mini burgers (each at 2.8 ounces of perfection*). Check in regularly and follow us social media to stay up to date on the latest happenings and current events related to our brand.

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  1. You should get that location kosher certified too.There's a lot of Kosher keeping Jews living in Los Angeles.