Oren Loni

Who is Oren Loni?

Oren Loni is a name that has been appearing with increasing frequency in both financial and business publications. Not only is he a successful businessman, he’s also the creator of the wildly popular, global franchise, Burgerim. What sets Loni apart from so many others in the business is that not only does he have a knack for taking a concept and developing it until it perfectly fits a niche market, he also knows how to take that first restaurant in the United States of America and turn it into a wildly successful franchise. He accomplished all of his in a very short period of time.
Oren Loni

Most people wouldn’t have given Burgerim a second glance. There are already so many burger restaurants that it seems unlikely a new one could thrive, much less be strong enough to become a successful franchise. Oren Loni took a different approach. Knowing full well that the reason there are so many popular burger joints is because people all over the world love burgers, he explored how he could take a burger and turn it into a niche product. With Loni driving the concept, Burgerim quickly became popular on a international scale. When the first American Burgerim opened its doors in 2011, people quickly fell in love with the gourmet mini burgers, prompting Loni to set up an American version of the Franchise. Within 5 years, several Burgerims had opened in multiple states. View locations here.

With Oren Loni serving as active president of the franchise, Burgerim has the distinction of being one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. Currently, there are Burgerims in several different states, scattered across Europe, and it continues to thrive in California. While the menu remains the same from one Burgerim establishment to another (with the exception of halal certified Burgerim restaurants), each franchise owner has made subtle changes to their Burgerim restaurant so that fans of the burger gets a unique feel each time they stop at a different location.

For the startling success of Burgerim, Loni credits corporate office’s hard work and his own policy regarding how involved they get with every new location. 

Oren Loni knows that buying into a franchise is a great opportunity for many prospective business owners, but he also knows that it’s not without risk and that if the new owners don’t receive the proper tools from the very beginning, the entire Burgerim franchise will suffer. To avoid this, Loni set up a program that keeps the corporate office involved in the planning of new locations. The program is designed to provide the new owners with help choosing a location, working with suppliers, acquiring financing, local promotion, employee training, and more. The most important thing the program does is increase the new owner’s confidence in their new undertaking.

Now that he lives in Los Angeles, Oren Loni is in the perfect position to continue watching the company that he’s believed in from the very start continue to grow and thrive. He’s eagerly awaiting the day when there’s a Burgerim in every state.